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plane paper was founded in the summer of 2011 by Mishayla Schmidt and Virginia Dreisbach. They studied architecture together at the University of Florida and wanted to start a design company that would allow them to have a more exploratory and intimate relationship with design methods.

Their stationery is reflective of their background in architecture. They view each card as being a composition constructed through the design principles of scale, depth and hierarchy. Inherent tactile intricacy and depth introduced through layers, specifically with the signature light works lines, create a seemingly effortless elegance. This spatial and architectural aesthetic is what makes plane paper unique.

The light works line features designs created using laser-cutting technologies, something they were introduced to in the architectural field. Aesthetically reminiscent of the paper cutting art form, the process is streamlined by using new technologies that allow for perfection, speed and large-scale production.

Their 2011 holiday collection features nostalgic imagery reinterpreted with a modern edge. In addition to custom designs, plane paper will be introducing a complete line of stationery for every occasion, including birthdays, special occasions, thank you notes, and personalized stationery!

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